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The Globearena
Future Meeting
UD-day 24 october, 1998
Stockholm is the European Culturecapital

With its unusual shape and huge resources, the Globe Arena has a special identity which has made Sweden and Stockholm attractive to world level events. Globe Arena has become a natural destination for the world's leading sports, artistic and cultural personalities. Luciano Pavarotti was here, and Diana Ross and Julio Iglesias. Tina Turner, Prince, Bruce Springsteen as well as Rod Steward prformed in the Globe Arena. One of the few places on earth providing the setting for these performers. Only the Globe Arena can seat16.000 people and create an atmosphere that unites them all.

Overnight the Globe Arena is changed, from a red hot sprots arena to the dignified environment for a Catholic Mass led by the Pope himself. Or from Grand Opera to a Circus Ring, or a Congress Hall. Events follow one another in rapid succession.

Centrally localted in Stockholm, the Globe Arena is a natural place for commerce. Conference rooms for as little as 10 people are available, each with their own catering facilities. Flexible conference space for up to 100 participants are available. Companies can combine a conference with an event in the Arena - a new concept called the Conference Event, which combines an intensive meeting, a pleasant dinner and an exciting entertainment evening.

The Globe Arena is supported by a well trimmed organization including light- and sound technicians, TV specialists, ice technicians, caretakers, scenery shifters, guards, conference guides, waiters and ushers.
At an ice hockey event the ice temperature is well under zero while the spatial tempreature is kept to 18 degrees centigrade. For a motor cross some 4 thousand tons of clay is brought in by dump trucks to form the winding track with its several meters high jumps.

Built in less than two and a half years, the largest spherical building on earth was inaugurated on 19th February 1989. With its equator 35 meters above the floor level, the sphere's diameter is 110 meters and the internal height to the ceiling is 85 meters.
The cupola, a 526 metric tons space frame constructed of 13.000 steel rods coupled at with special couplers at 2.200 joints , is supported by 48 steel pillars of 30 tonnes each and 27,5 meter height. The cupola is lined with sound absorbent panels and clad on the outside by insulated aluminium panels.

Stockholm Globe Arena
P.O. Box 10055
S-121 27 Stockholm-Globen, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 725 1000

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