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The Globe Arena
Stockholm Sweden

Globetree Foundation has itīs seventh Future Meeting
on UN-day 1998 coinciding with
Stockholm - Cultural Capital of Europe

Globetree Foundation invites 5000 children and youth to build the Future Vessel
for the Childīs Rights and Agenda 21 at the Globe Arena and on Internet

Children and youth are also invited to participate in Our Uniting Water Ceremony

Future Meeting UN-day 1998

Worldwide participation

UN-day 24th october 1998, 5000 participants from all over the world will meet at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.
We hope to see three persons (a girl, a boy, and and adult) from every country join and build the FUTURE VESSEL together with Swedish children, teens and adults.
The creation of the FUTURE VESSEL
Future Vessel will be something unique - a multiart-creation composed of wood, ropes, wheels, seeds, poems, songs, questions, drawings ..... whatever everyone wish to contribute to the Future Vessel. During the whole day of creating Future Vessel the process will be digitally documented and ONLINE.
Take part in the preparations for Future Vessel worldwide on the Internet. Share your own visions and ideas with us by e-mail and on Internet. Be inspired by others working with Agenda 21 and the Childs Rightīs.
Our Uniting Water Ceremony
All participants comming to the Globe Arena will also bring water from their countries togehter with drawings or paintings of water to be united on stage in a ceremony. The Future Vessel, Our Uniting Water Ceremony and the Exhibition will be on stage and on Internet at the Globe Arena and in many schools and other places world wide - the Arc of tomorrow.

Globetree grew from a childs question

In a classroom in the north of Sweden a little girl raised her hand. She had a question to ask:

Do you belive we have a future ?

That one question, 20 years ago, set in motion the need to find an answer. The answer became the Globetree, a meeting place with roots, a trunk, branches and seeds - a place where we meet over many boundaries; young and old, scientists, artists and teachers, among many others, in many nations representing different cultures and race. All of us sharing the same need; to listen and learn from children and help one another dare walk new pathways towards our common future.

Future Meeting

Every second year since 1986 Globetree invites children and youth from Swedish Municipalities and from many countries in the world to participate in a big program called : Future Meeting.

Future Meeting proceeds along themes that are worked on in the single class room, in various children and youth groups and in a number of associations, to be presented at an international Future Meeting. Since 1986, the Globetree has arranged six Future Meeting. Now Globetree prepares for the seventh and by far the biggest Future Meeting with 5000 participants supported by, among others, the Ministry of Health and Social affairs, the Ministry of Public Administration, the Swedish Associations of Local Authorities and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Authority.

Agenda 21 and Childīs Rights
two important UN assignments

Childīs rights is concerned with the childīs inner enviroment. Agenda 21 has focus on the outer enviroment.

Both are extremely important to secure the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. The only way to make these Global assignments work is to join all over the globe. So we meet at the Globe Arena to establish a global network supported by information technolgy to spread knowledge and inspiration of the two UN-documents Childīs Rights and Agenda 21 - and make them come true !

Uniting the Childīs Rights and Agenda 21
a most important assignment

Globetree was in New York at the Childrenīs summit in 1990. Two Globetree girls witnessed the signing of the Convention by world leaders. They also brought Uniting Water to the Summit. Together with children from the United Nationsī International School they performed the Uniting Water Ceremony as a symbol of the childrens concern for the planet and her water.

Globetree was in Rio de Janeiro for the Earth Summit in 1992. Globetree children were at the NGO Conference with an exhibition. They witnessed the adoption of Agenda 21. They joined Brazilian children in Tatui, San Paulo and started to build the first Childrenīs Ecological Park - a place for children to actively work for the planet in their care.

The Childīs Rights relate to the childīs inner enviroment
Agenda 21 deal with the outer enviroment

Since 1990 and 1992 Globetree actively worked with the Childrenīs Rights and Agenda 21. Globetree invited children the world over to help in finding creative ways to bring the two documents to unison. Together they are like two hands building the childrenīs future !

When a child is cared for, it will care for the enviroment
When the enviroment is cared for - people will be healed

How can we bring the two together ? Ask the children of the world !

Every other year since 1986, Globetree invited children to join in Stockholm for a Future Meeting. Houndreds of children came to these events and gave their suggestions, in theatrical performances, songs, dances, music, poetry, exhibitions and discussing their questions with experts and decision makers. In 1986 the children stated what is of lifeimportance for the future: friendship, peace, clean food and safe water. In 1988 they showed from where they came and how they would like to meet. In 1990 they brought water from all over the world and created Our Uniting Water Ceremony that went to many important international meetings. In 1992 they worked with specialists and made small ships that carried their ideas and hopes. In 1996 they came together and build a Future Vessel, a real image of how they wanted the future to be, that would sail on Internet to discover the many worlds of children on earth.

The Childīs Right and Agenda 21 got engaged at Future Meeting in Stockholm 1996
The wedding will be in 1998 when Stockholm is Europeīs Cultural City !

Globetree invites children from the whole world to come to Stockholm to celebrate UN Day 1998 in a very special way; By bringing together the Childīs Rights and Agenda 21!

The place will be The Globe Arena in Stockholm - Scandinaviaīs biggest covered event hall. Globetree expects 5000 participants for this seventh Future Meeting that is sponsored, among others, by Swedish Ministries of Health and Social Affairs and of Public Administration, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Childīs Rights and Agenda 21 Panel

A group of Swedes, from Save the Children, Childrens ombudsman, Swedish Association of Local Authories and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency joined Globetree in supporting the work towards unison of the Childīs Rights and Agenda 21. A booklet with good examples from Sweden will soon be available.

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