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Our idea of Atlantis is a place with many entrances.
Each door opens to a new perspective.
We invite:
Municipalities and Provinces
Associations, Institutes, Organizations
Preschools. Elementary schools, Highschools, Colleges, Universities
Theaters, Museums, Libraries
Others who share our ideas and vision

Tell what you are doing - what you are good in!
For instance:
Planing for a sustainable future in a Municipality
New products that can be reused, repaired, rebuild or recycled.
New projects that you plan or are working out in your school
Your ideas of practicing the Child's Rights and Agenda 21

You will meet many visitors at Atlantis.
350 Swedish school classes are involved in the Blue Wave
150 Swedish organizations are taking part in the Blue Wave
Interest in the Blue Wave is materializing from some 25 countries in the world.

Guest Book
Everyone entering Atlantisl signs the Guest Book. So we know who has been there, and what they are interested in. Some of them leave their comments for you.

Mass Media We have a Press Room in the Web Hotel where you can meet Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, TV and Internet media journalists.

Interested to book in?
Contact us and we will discuss conditions with you!
Phone: +46 8 652 3526, Fax: +46 8 652 2177

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Last Update: Oct.13 1996