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Dennis Ören

Born in Åtvidaberg, Sweden, 1947

In Swedish

Joshua Slocum's book "Sailing alone around the world" brought 10 year old Dennis Ören his life dream. A dream that he was determined to fulfill, from his early years at sea as a a ship's mate on boats on the North Sea. He turned to sailing as soon as possible, in the seventies commanding the barque Meta af Byxelkrok - the ship that became known for the filming of Treasure Island and Astrid Lindgren's unforgettable Pippi Longstocking. Dennis also sailed the Baltic Trader Tironga, a boat build in 1896, to the West Indies and to Greece.

Dennis' wish was to own his own sailing boat. In 1982 he found the Vega af Bergkvara, left by her last owner, half under water at one of Stockholm's quays. He know immediately that however she looked, this was the ship he would sail around the world! In the following ten years Dennis rebuild the entire hull in solid oak - cut from old stock with special permission from the Swedish Forestry Department

In 1993 we met, Dennis Ören and Globetree. Dennis was referred to us by someone at the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva. When Dennis told us his dream, we saw that this was the world wide performance we were looking for!

Dennis and Globetree came to an agreement for cooperation and worked together until the Vega left Stockholm on June 5th, World Environment Day 1995, a little over 100 years after Joshua Slocum started his circumnavigation from Boston.

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