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Teachers and Heads of Secondary Schools in Bandung, a major city some 160 kilometers from Indonesia's capital Jakarta, asked the Development Technology Center at Bandung's Technological University to help them develop a program on environmental education. They wanted that program to combine theory and practice, and most of all, in support to the Government's and citizen's efforts to solve the city's many and increasing environmental problems, such as waste dispersal, shortage of safe water and lack of proper sanitation, and air pollution caused by the dense traffic.

At that time, Globetree cooperated with Sasana Daya Cipta (The House of Creativity) in Bandung. Sasana Daya Cipta is a Foundation for Community Participation, rooted in the Development Technology Center at Bandung's Technological University. The Development Technology Center's Director, Dr. Gede Raka, participated in Globetree's Future Meeting 1992 and was enthusiastic about what he saw and experienced.He concluded that should follow a similar approach in Indonesia. He proposed to start working with children in Bandung and concentrate on creative ways of improving people's living conditions and the environment - key problems in many Indonesian cities.

The question of the Bandung schools led to intensive discussions in which pupils brought in their ideas and suggestions. They all knew that their city had environmental problems and that means lacked to solve those problems. People's creative skills was a hitherto overlooked resource. Sasana Daya Cipta and Globetree took active part in the discussions, leading to a Pilot Project proposal. That proposal was presented to SIDA through Forum Syd (Formerly BIFO) and approved for the period 1993 to 1996. 100 Bandung schools had agreed to participate, involving 10,000 pupils. 500 teachers would receive an upgrading course in: Management, Creativity and Communication, Ecological Technology and Environmental Education.

At the moment - September 1995 - more than 200 teachers from 60 schools followed the upgrading course. More than 6,000 pupils in over 40 schools are involved in smaller and bigger environmental programs. In Annual Creativity Contests they present their activities and results to one another and their teachers. The teachers who followed the upgrading course formed a Creativity Forum and the Development Technology Center provided a small building to function as a Creativity Center. A Future Meeting is planned, to take place in Bandung in 1996.

Other University cities in Indonesia send representatives to the courses and are now preparing to develop similar initiatives. The College of Education in Yokjakarta will start a program on the same lines as in Bandung, for its teacher candidates.

For more information, contact Globetree, or:

Sasana Daya Cipta,
Jalan Ganesha 19, Bandung 40132, Indonesia.
Phone: +62 22 250 3307, Fax: +62 22 250 1768

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