We look in the same direction but see different things
Can we combine what we see? Can you feel what I feel?
Can you ever understand what I mean?
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Globögat was born as brother to Globteatern. While Globteatern's actors absorbed world experience in their bodies and soul, Globögat collected associated images, pictures and sounds on photographic film, sound tape, video tape and recently using digital means.

Globögat followed the main travels of Globteatern, as well as making its own travels; to Ghana where a photo series was made on a small Ghanean girl and to India where rural family life was documented. Both on assignment of the SIDA, the Swedish International Development Authority. Globögat also made a film in Colombia, assigned by the Dutch Directorate General for International Cooperation.

Globögat has build up impressive sound, picture and film archives over its 25 years of existence - available for making slide-sound shows, illustrations for articles and short documentaries.

Some available films:
Jakten på Urträdet/ Search for the Virgin Tree. "People believe to be in charge of the earth.Blinded by power, they don't see life's poisoning and destruction. Hurry up, people, it's late! Get going!"
1986. Two Swedish puppets travel into the rain forests. 16 mm color, VHS-PAL and Betamax-PAL. 30 minutes. Swedish original, English or Indonesian dubbing
. Under Havet Möts alla Öar/ Under Sea all Islands Meet. "No one is an island. Each person is part of the whole. Under the sea all islands meet."
1987. On Globetree's first Future Meeting. 16 mm color and VHS-PAL. 40 minutes. Swedish.
Du är en Människa!/ You are Human! "Show who you are! Sentimental, aggressive or whatever you are! Tell the public that this is your way, that this is what you stand up for!"
1987. About the Swedish singing teacher Torsten Föllinger. 16 mm color and VHS-PAL. 50 minutes. Swedish.
Se Siembra el Cambio/ Planting Change. "Ever since the time of the Greeks people seek unity with nature - with the water in a river, with the song of a bird."
1987. Collage of a development project in Chocó, Colombia. 16 mm color and VHS-PAL. 45 minutes. Spanish.
Visst finns plats för några till... "I, living today, must take the consequences of everything that wasn't done before. I, living in the future, must take the consequences of everything that wasn't done today!"
1990. Refugees settling in Sweden. 16 mm color and VHS-PAL. 45 minutes. Swedish.

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