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The GlobetreeNet

In Swedish

Globetree is a node in a network of about one thousand persons, two third of which are in Sweden. Many of the people in GlobetreeNet are themselves part of other networks, spanning all over the world. The network grew over time, from personal meetings with Globetree members, and from recommendations - as they say in French: "Les amis de mes amis son mes amis." But more than friends are the GlobetreeNet participants persons that share the same vision:

"What we do today is the children's future."

Within GlobetreeNet we find several WorkNets - combinations of people aiming at specific goals. The Blue Wave is such a worknet of cooperating people, linking people in many countries including: Argentine, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, USA.

Most of the people in Globetree's WorkNets live in developing countries and have no Internet access. Many have even no email connection. They are dependent on the more "classical" ways of communicating; by mail, and in some cases phone or fax. They usually rely on person to person communication, sometimes waiting for months or even years for someone to visit.

For that reason we have developed our Blue Wave Communication with a low technical access level. What means, in simpler words, that one can reach in by letter as well as through Internet. To reach out we have an agreement with Radio for Peace in Costa Rica, and we expect help from the Radio Amateurs over the world to help our Blue Wave participants communicate with us and one another.

In the Forum you can read messages from people of our Blue Wave WorkNet. In the course of time we expect many of the above country names to be clickable, that is, giving a connection to one or more persons of the Blue Wave Work Net in that country.

You can help develop the Blue Wave WorkNet, by taking contact with your friends in the world, and inspire them to join the Blue Wave, and bring the Child's Rights and Agenda 21 into practice. Ask them to tell us how they succeed.

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E-mail: globetree@globetree.se
Last Update: Oct.13 1996