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Globteatern's actors learned their trade in Art School and acquired their skills in the reality of the world - by traveling on foot, and sharing life with people. Globteatern walked from Canada through the USA, and along the Andes from Colombia to Argentine. Globteatern traveled across the Sahara, from Algeria to Burkina Faso, and onwards to the Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun and Chad. Globteatern made a journey from Thailand through Malaysia to Indonesia.

Globteatern creates and gives educational performances and theme days for children of various age ranges. Actual performances include: Travel to the Virgin Forest (4 to 7 years), Why is the Earth Angry (6 to 9 years), The Scream from the Rain Forest (9 to 13 years), With and without Mask (13 to 16 years), We are far more then two (Adults).

Globteatern helps children to see and get an experience of how people live in other parts of the world. Children are inspired by the performances and work out their own imaginary travel in dramatization, painting, poetry, music, dance, by making videos and connecting in Internet.

Globteatern cooperates with like minded groups, with teachers and educators, with parents and others who are involved in questions related to children and the future of this earth

Globteatern supports a Learning Place for young unemployed artists on Bali, where young artists from abroad cooperate with young Balinese in creating new methods and performances, based on Balinese and global traditions and using modern artistic means.

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