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The Globetree

What we do today is the children's future

In Swedish

Facts and Figures dominate modern Western culture. While Myths and Metaphors carry tradition.

Children live in all worlds and all times simultaneously. For them life is a big adventure - a mystery.

That makes children excellent guides for grownups. Children's expressions can open entirely new perspectives on life. Children therefore set the stage of Globetree's work.

When we support children to express and live their own life dreams, then they will grow into strong and brave humans, persons who dare to break new grounds and see possibilities where adults only experience problems.

"Do we have a future?" an eight year old girl asked us at the end of the
seventies.That question became the first seed to the Globetree.

The Globetree Foundation came to life in 1982 in Stockholm, to be a Meeting Place for scientists, educators, artists and other adults who want to help answer the children's questions about their future.

Since 1982, hundreds of individuals share inspiration and skills to support Globetree's visions and work. At the moment (September 1995) the GlobetreeNet encompasses over a thousand individuals, educational institutions and organizations working with and for children

Some individuals in the GlobetreeNet are very special. We call them Globeroots; persons who have learned to take their time to listen and understand, whose knowledge has crossed the boundaries of academic disciplines into life's practice.

Globetree works through its branches, such as Globteatern and Globögat. Globetree ideates, organizes and coordinates several programs, such as Blue Wave - The Children's Messenger.

Take contact with us in the Globetree when you need support or help to develop inspiring and practical educational programs, on people and their environment.

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Last Update: Oct.13 1996